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Who We Are

One of life’s fundamental necessities is a safe and healthy home.

Homes RI (formerly called the Housing Opportunities Initiative) was launched in 2017 as a statewide movement to increase the supply of safe, healthy and affordable homes and decrease the housing cost burden that too many Rhode Islanders face.

We believe Rhode Island can and should be a state where all residents are able to live in safe, healthy and affordable homes in thriving communities. 

Housing Network of Rhode Island

The Housing Network of Rhode Island (HNRI) is the backbone organization for Homes RI, providing the staffing, fiscal management, and organizational “home” for the effort.

After 18 months of stakeholder engagement, Homes RI released the Housing Opportunities Framework (“the Framework”) in late 2019. The Framework is a plan to increase the production of safe, healthy and affordable homes throughout Rhode Island, centered around four action areas:

  1. Increase community engagement and motivate the public and policymakers to drive change that will result in increased investments in affordable homes for Rhode Islanders.
  2. Increase investments to construct and preserve long-term affordable homes in Rhode Island.
  3. Reduce regulatory and economic barriers to residential development  to incentivize the construction, rehabilitation and preservation of affordable homes.
  4. Promote and implement policies and interventions that equitably expand access to healthy, affordable, sustainable homes.

With local and national partners, Homes RI provides a public platform to showcase the importance and urgency of making investments to increase access to quality, affordable homes in Rhode Island. We also provide information about advocacy efforts related to affordable housing and homelessness for anyone who is interested in getting involved.

Together, we can work to ensure all Rhode Islanders live in safe, healthy, affordable homes.