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Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our shared vision is that all Rhode Islanders live in safe, healthy, affordable homes in thriving communities. Our common agenda is to increase and preserve the supply of safe, healthy and affordable homes throughout Rhode Island. We also seek to equitably reduce the housing cost burden for low and moderate-income residents.

Our Values

These shared values guide our work:

  • We aspire to involve all sectors of the community, encourage leadership and build our collective capacity to conceive and implement long-term, sustainable, and equitable solutions.
  • We seek to elevate and center the voices of Rhode Islanders who are most impacted by the high cost of housing in the state in achieving our shared mission and vision.
  • We acknowledge that structural inequities, including racism and economic oppression are contributors to inadequate housing. We seek to advance strategies that break down these barriers and promote just conditions for all.
  • We practice proactive communication, collaboration, and transparency in our efforts and work to create spaces that are socially and economically just, safe, and inclusive.
  • We engage in informed decision-making, using available local and regional data and nationally recognized approaches to design and strengthen our collective work.
  • We commit to thinking boldly and creatively to develop and implement innovative solutions that address root causes of insufficient production and preservation of affordable homes in Rhode Island.
  • When possible, we seek to align resources in support of our collective work and common aspiration.

Together, we can work to ensure all Rhode Islanders live in safe, healthy, affordable homes.